LAMA Awards – Laura Lynn Foundation

I was delighted to have nominated the Laura Lynn Foundation for a Local Authority Members’ Association Award on Saturday night, and really pleased for them when they won not only their category (2013 Healthcare Building of the Year), but the overall award.

LAMA Laura Lynn 01 LAMA Laura Lynn 02

Draft Bye-Law for the Prevention of Smoking in Certain Areas 2011 (amended proposal)

In response to several comments and constructive criticisms from various people, I have amended my draft bye-law to ban smoking in children’s playgrounds in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown. The following are the amendments I intend to make at tonight’s Council meeting (9th May 2011): (a) in section 4, to insertion of the words “a playground or” after…


Death of Lynda Collins

I was very sorry to hear of the truly tragic death of Lynda Collins, from Booterstown, who was killed in a freak accident on Waterloo Road in Ballsbridge yesterday evening, when high winds caused a tree to fall on her. My thoughts are with her husband Richard and their three children, who would have been…