Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
Meeting Monday 9th May 2011


Part 1- Initial Business

1. Confirmation of Minutes
(a) Minutes of County Council meeting held on Monday 11th April 2011.
2. Questions

Part 2 – Manager’s Business for Decision

3. Education And Training For Councillors in accordance with Section 142 (5) of the Local Government Act 2001
4. Approval of Nominations in accordance with Section 142 (5) of the Local Government Act 2001
5. Monthly Financial Statement month ended 31st March 2011.
6. Proposed Disposal of Properties
a) Disposal of Fee Simple Interest to Lessees who purchased under Tenant Purchase Scheme
b) LD 2250 Proposed Discharge of Deed of Covenant on a portion of lands at Ballyedmonduff Road, Ballyedmonduff, Stepaside, Co. Dublin
c) Proposed disposal of Affordable Housing units at Belarmine Plaza, Enniskerry Road, Stepaside, Dublin 18, acquired under Part V of the Planning & Development Acts 200 – 2010 and the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2002, as amended
7. Local Government Act 2001 – Section 19 (3) (a): Casual Vacancy Resulting from the election of Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit Alliance to Dáil Éireann
8. Appointment of 1 member to the Housing Strategic Policy Committee
9. Appointment of 1 member to the Planning Strategic Policy Committee
10. Proposed alteration to Pay and Display Scheme at Cabinteely Village
11. Proposed Pay & Display Parking Control Scheme – Ardglas Estate, Dundrum
12. Report submitted in accordance with Part 8, Article 81 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 – 2010, Planning and Development Acts, 2010 (as amended) and Section 138 of the Local Government Act, 2001.
PC/01/11 Proposed Housing Development: Demolition of Rosemount Court, Dundrum.
13. Report prepared in accordance with Part XVI, section 238 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) and Section 193 – 198 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 – 2008 and Section 138 of the Local Government Act, 2001.
Proposed Event: Entertainment show that will consist of 40 home made crafts launching off a ramp in an attempt of fly with the backing of music.
14. Draft Annual Financial Statement for the year ended 31 December 2010 and Manager’s Report thereon submitted for consideration in accordance with Section 108(3) of the Local Government Act 2001
15. Summer Project Grants
16. Community Grants
17. Adoption of dlr Arts Development Policy 2011-2014 under Pt 2. S6 (1) of the Arts Act 2003
18. Business Promotion Grant 2011

Part 3 – Cathaoirleach’s Business

19. Cathaoirleach’s Business: Councillor L. McCarthy

Part 4 – Manager’s Business for Noting

20. Report on Capital Programme 2011-2014 submitted for consideration in accordance with Section 135 of the Local Government Act 2001.
21. Core Strategy
Part 5 – Reports from Area Committees and SPCs
22. Strategic Policy Committees – Report of Chairpersons
a) Housing Strategic Policy Committee held on 22nd March 2011
b) Planning Strategic Policy Committee held on 21st March, 2011
c) Environment, Culture & Community Strategic Policy Committee held on 2nd March, 2011
d) Transport Strategic Policy Committee held on 21st March, 2011
e) Water & Waste Strategic Policy Committee held on 24th March, 2011
23. Ministerial/Departmental Correspondence
24. Other Correspondence
1. Nuclear Free Local Authorities all Ireland Forum – Membership Request.
2. Invitation to join Mayors for Peace.

Part 6 – Members motions


25. Councillor R. Humphreys
“That this Council calls on the Minister for Foreign Affairs to use his influence with relevant governments and organisations to press Hamas to allow access by the International Committee of the Red Cross to Sgt Gilad Shalit.”
26. Councillor N. Bhreathnach
“That this Council calls on the National Emergency Committee to consider how School Boards of Management should respond to bad weather alerts and whether Councils should allow Boards to stock pile grit and salt for emergency response to poor weather.”
27. Councillor D. O’ Callaghan
“That the Manager brings a comprehensive report for discussion to this area committee on all aspects of the water supplied to this Council by Dublin City Council, to include the following
(a) The storage capacity for treated water
(b) The storage capacity for untreated water.
(c) Whether water purchased from Dublin City Council is bought in a treated or untreated state.
(d) The cost to this Council of purchasing water whether treated or untreated.
(e) The function of each reservoir in the production of water chain.
(f) What future plans do the Manager have to ensure a constant supply of water to its citizens?”
28. Councillor B. Ward
“That this Council adopt the following Bye-Law for the Prevention of Smoking in Certain Areas 2011 to prevent smoking in or around children’s playgrounds in the county.”
See the bye-law here: http://www.barryward.ie/news/smoking-bye-law/
See press coverage here: http://www.barryward.ie/news/the-evening-herald-16022011/
29. Councillor C. Smyth
“That this Council identify former Workhouses and Sites of Workhouses within the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Council area used during the Famine in Ireland and where appropriate seek to have them designated as National Historical or Heritage sites.”
30. Councillor H. Lewis
“That this Council recognises the demands of the Connolly Shoes workers after ten months on strike calls on the public not to support the renamed Shu Value and calls on all candidates representing Dún Laoghaire area in the upcoming election to pledge should they enter government to enact new legislation that will protect workers from such unjust treatment.”
31. Councillor T. Murphy
“That the Manager revisits the Contribution Scheme on a downward scale in Kilternan in relation to the new road”
32. Councillor G. O’Keeffe
In order to facilitate a technicality that will permit the Specific Local Objective No 97 for Retirement Village and Medical Related Facilities for the elderly at Ticknock Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18 the following variation is proposed:
The following additional text is to be appended as an additional footnote to Zoning Objective ‘B’ (Table 18.4):
Permitted In Principle
Agricultural Buildings, Boarding Kennels, Caravan Park-Holiday, Cemetery, Community Facility, Concrete/Asphalt (etc.) plant in or adjacent to a Quarry, Home Based Economic Activities, Industry-Extractive, Open Space, Place of Public Worship, Public Services, Rural Industry-Cottage, Rural Industry-Food, Travellers Accommodation.
33. Councillor Neale Richmond and Councillor R. Humphreys
“That the Manager provide or facilitate a graffiti wall in the County on a pilot basis and engage with local art and youth groups to establish the best model for such a wall.”
34. Councillor M. Baker
“That this Council bans the erection of election posters in the County and instead provides designated locations where posters can be displayed?”
35. Councillor V. Boyhan
“That this Council call on the Minister of Environment, Heritage & Local Government to confirm what funding allocation will be made to this Council in relation to Conservation Grants for 2011.”
36. Councillor P. Stewart
“That the Manager brings a comprehensive report for discussion to the Council on the provision of designated coach parking bays in the County in order to encourage and support tourism.”
37. Councillor J. Dillon Byrne
“That this Council give attention and priority to the surface and cleansing of cycle tracks in this County. To ensure ease of use and safety for cyclist users which is quite often not the position at present.”
38. Councillor L. McCarthy
“That the Manager would revisit the Kilternan LAP, Section 49 Levy Scheme in light of the changed market.”
39. Councillor N. Bhreathnach
“That the Parks and Community Departments should in consultation with Active Retirement groups in the County, establish with minimum equipment exercise regimes within our main park lands.”
40. Councillor H. Lewis
“That this Council arrange to make Council bin tags for waste collection available for sale at a number of designated shops.”
41. Councillor T. Murphy
“That the Manager reviews the procedure on how the Council deals with Deputations. I was recently at a Deputation where two people were representing their Residents Association and there were 9 Council Officials and 3 Councillors at this meeting, this would seem like a waste of Council resources.”
42. Councillor D. O’Callaghan
“That this Council agrees to write to the Minister for Health that in the event of a review of the proposed location for the National Childrens Hospital that the Minister would include Cherrywood as an alternative location in any such review.”
43. Councillor G. O’Keeffe
“That the Manager explain why Policy AR11 did not apply to a recent planning decision pertinent to a Kenny built house in Mount Merrion demesne and give explicit assurances that Policy AR11will not be contravened again, specifically with respect to Kenny built homes in the Mount Merrion demesne.
44. Councillor V. Boyhan
“That the Manager indicate what arrangements have been made to date in relation to plans to re-launch the Festival of World Cultures for 2012 and to make a statement on same.”
45. Councillor B. Ward
“That this Council amend the Beach Bye-laws 2009 in section 3, subsection (11), paragraph (i), by substituting “4.00p.m.” for “7.00p.m.”, and, in paragraph (ii), subparagraph (a) of the same subsection, by deleting “on a leash and”.
46. Councillor T. Murphy
“That the Manager considers the possibility of borrowing money to buy some of the vacant apartments in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown so that they can permanently house people from the housing list, allowing them to receive rental income and thus reducing massive rent allowance paid by the State.”
47. Councillor R. Humphreys
“That the Manager for the purposes of promoting a greater sense of place, enhancing civic identity, increasing awareness of the Council and improving the relationship between the public and the Council, and bearing in mind the reply to a question in January 2010 to the effect that “the need for such signs is recognised”, the Manager be directed to erect an increased number of welcome signs to the County at major points of entry, such signs to have the words “Welcome/Fáilte” and either the County name, coat of arms, or DLR logo or some combination of these, the incidental cost of these signs to be met from within Budget Code B0603, Traffic Improvement Measures.”
48. Councillors C. Smyth, N. Bhreathnach & J. Dillon Byrne
“That the Manager amend the Beach Bye Laws 2009 to remove the following text under part 11. Animal part (a): “it is on a leash and”.

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