Council Meeting 8th Febraury 2010 – Question re speed indicator



Speed Indicator


Question: Councillor B. Ward

“To ask the Manager what the process is for installation of a ‘speed indicator’ i.e. a laser-based notice that shows motorists what speed they are travelling at, how much it would cost, and if there are any organisations known to the Council, who are interested in sponsoring such a facility.”



“The process for the installation of a speed display sign at a particular location is first to review the accident history at that location, then carry out a survey to establish the 85th percentile speed (*the speed which is exceeded by 15% of vehicles is known as the 85th percentile speed*).


If the 85th percentile speed is 20% or more than the marked speed limit or there is a high rate of accidents at that location, than the installation of a speed alert sign is considered for that location.


The cost to supply and install one speed alert sign is approximately €5000.00.


The County Council will fund this facility where it is considered necessary.”


One thought on “Council Meeting 8th Febraury 2010 – Question re speed indicator

  1. Mobile Speed Displays

    Mobile Speed Displays are developed as speed indicating signs based on low maintenance technology to influence the speed of passenger cars by psychological means.

    They are working on radar technology: autonomous, mobile and easy to set up. There is no need for expensive induction loops or other fix installation.

    It can be mounted on exciting light/telephone or power poles, can be easily moved every day if needed to an other new location in the County.

    The price for a state of the art Mobile Speed Displays until would be Euro 1.700 approx – your 5k would nearly bring 3 units in action a.s.a.p. without any planning permissions and long costly survey’s


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