Council Meeting 9th July 2009: Question on operation of Bus Lanes



Operation of Bus Lanes


Question:  Councillor B. Ward

“To ask the Manager if the Council can alter the hours of operation of bus lanes on national routes such as the N11, if the Council has any plans to do so and if so, if the bus lane in both directions from Foxrock Church to Loughlinstown can be altered from a 24-hour bus lane to a 0700-1900 bus lane.”



“The QBC on the N11 from Foxrock Church to Loughlinstown Roundabout which is a 24 Hour lane runs along what was always the Hard Shoulder on the N11.


If the times of operation of the Bus lane was changed to 07.00 to 19.00, traffic volumes during the remaining period would not require a third lane and there would be safety concerns arising due to weaving traffic between lanes. The Footbridges along the N11 wouldn’t have adequate clearance for abnormal loads which are normally carried during off peak times and could give rise to damage to these bridges.


Traffic Section will be progressing the implementation of a 24 Hour QBC on the section of the N11 from Foxrock Church to Belfield further to an assessment of the route.


It is intended to bring a Report on this proposal to the Elected members when this Scheme is prepared.”


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