At the Council’s March meeting, last night, my motion to write to the Ministers for Finance and Local Government about the Local Property Tax (LPT). You can watch the debate in the Council Chamber here.

One of the problems with the way that the LPT is structured is that each local authority may only vary the charge by 15%. In Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, we reduced the 2015 LPT by the maximum allowable 15%.

However, this may become problematic when the freeze on property valuations ends, since property values have changed substantially since the original valuation took place.

This motion asked that the Council would send a letter to the Minister for Finance and Local Government to allow us, as local representatives, to vary the rate of LPT payable in DLR by as much or as little as we can or need to, and then to be allowed to spend that income as we see fit.

The motion was passed by 22 votes to 9 (with 3 abstentions); you can watch the voting here.

20150309 Council Motion

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