Minister Leo Varadkar has announced that the Fuel Allowance Scheme, which is designed to assist pensioners and other very low income households to meet the cost of heating needs during the winter season, came into effect yesterday. The rate of the fuel allowance is €22.50 per week.

Only one Fuel Allowance is paid to a household and the recipient-

  1. Must be resident in the State;
  2. Must be in receipt of certain qualifying payments;
  3. Must live alone or only with:
  • a qualified spouse/ civil partner / cohabitant or qualified child(ren);
  • a person in receipt of a qualifying payment who would be entitled to the allowance in their own right;
  • a person who is in receipt of Carer’s Allowance or Carer’s Benefit in respect of providing full time care and attention to the Fuel Allowance applicant or their qualified spouse / civil partner / cohabitant or qualified child(ren);
  • a person receiving short term Jobseeker’s Allowance or the Basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance (less than 391 days).

The Fuel Allowance is paid with the social welfare payment on the same day.


For more details, go to the fuel allowance page on the web site of the Department of Social Protection.


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