This morning, along with other councillors, I visited the new sustainable social housing scheme at the corner of Newtownpark Avenue and the new Monkstown Link Road, opposite the Texaco garage.Benamore Park

Benamore Park and Court consist of 41 units, from 1 to 3 beds, comprising apartments, duplexes and town houses. It is planned that these homes will be occupied in the coming weeks.

All the units have at least a ‘B’ energy rating (BER) or higher, and most have an ‘A’ rating, which means that they are cosy homes that will be easy to maintain, cost-effective, and most importantly, will impact minimally on the environment. With some exceptions, the units are wheelchair accessible, and all are thoughtfully designed.

Another exciting element to the scheme is SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Scheme), a system that collects so-called “grey” water for re-use. All the rain water that falls on Benamore, will be collected through either the drains and culverts or the special paving bricks, filters and cleaned, and stored in a tank, for re-use by residents to flush toilets.

This is a really exciting scheme and the kind of innovation new should be seeing in all new developments, right down to the smallest residential units. It is particularly pertinent when so many residents have suffered water cut-offs and pressure reduction in recent times.


This is a simple way to address this problem in a sustainable way.

The whole scheme cost approximately €8.5m and covers only 3,800sqm. Congratulations to all involved, from the council officials and architects, OBK Architects, Davis Langdon PKS, and best of luck to the new residents.

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