barry-ward-national-conference-2010-aThe Fine Gael National Conference took place in the Malton Hotel in Killarney at the weekend (19th/20th March 2010). You can read Enda Kenny’s speech here.


At the conference, Fine Gael made some really solid policy proposals, particularly in the area of the economy, health and political reform.


You can find the details of the Fine Gael proposals to get the economy moving by reading the New Era policy document, which can be viewed on the Fine Gael web site.


You can see the Fine Gael health reform plan, Fair Care on a dedicated web site:


I have some reservations about the party proposals on political reform, particularly the abolition of the Seanad, which I oppose in favour of root and branch reform, and the proposed PR List election system, which I feel will take real power away from the electorate.


Thankfully, Fine Gael has never stifled debate and there was a very healthy exchange of ideas in Killarney at the weekend. I think it is a sign of a vibrant and self-assured party that dissent and discussion is so openly encouraged.


You can read the “New Politics” document to see what is being proposed for yourself by clicking here.


I spoke at several of the sessions at the National Conference, specifically on issues relating to water, child protection and local government.

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