Women during menstruation try to avoid any physical activity. Pain such as abdominal pain, back, headaches, poor mood and poor health often discourage you from exercising. Even the majority of active women are convinced that they should stop exercising during menstruation. As it really is:

Menstruation is an integral part of every woman’s life. However, associated with pain and discomfort is a sign of proper development and health. But during menstruation, most women complain of abdominal pain, back pain or other unpleasant symptoms. Is it possible to train during menstruation? Is it worth it? Which training to choose – strength or aerobic? What exercises are allowed? Sports professionals are increasingly making it clear that exercise during menstruation is the most appropriate.

Exercise and menstruation.

Contrary to popular belief, exercise during menstruation is safe, although often too intense exercise increases bleeding. Sports must be adapted to each woman’s individual abilities. Correctly selected exercises positively affect both physical and mental comfort. In the absence of contraindications on the part of the gynecologist or the attending physician there is no reason to refuse training.

What can I get from exercise during menstruation?

In most cases, exercise during menstruation can cope with the negative aspects of menstruation. First of all, physical activity helps to relax the tense abdominal muscles so that you can get rid of the pain. Secondly, during exercise http://www.buyviagrainireland.net/, the body secretes endorphins, which improve depressed mood and allow you to get rid of negative emotions. Third, physical activity reduces appetite, so you less likely to resort to snacking. In addition, most women during these difficult days notice an increase in performance during training.

How do you exercise during menstruation.

During menstruation, you can conduct any training: strength, interval and cardio-training. In fact, it all depends on your well-being and vital energy. If we feel weak, we should give up intensive training in favor of a quiet walk, easy jog or walking. In this case, yoga, Pilates or stretching will also be good.

A few golden tips for active women.

To exercise during menstruation was more relaxing and did not cause additional pain, do not forget to do exercises as slowly as possible, without additional loads, and drink herbal tea. However, if you feel more discomfort, abdominal, back, legs or head pain during menstruation, you should give up training in favor of rest. It is worth listening to your body, so you will not expose yourself to the possible negative consequences of menstruation.

Menstruation itself and physical activity during menstruation are currently prohibited. However, in order to raise awareness of both women and men in this topic, it is worth talking to, talking to the doctor, and above all, in the case of women, listening to yourself and listening to the needs of the body. After all, any physical activity, even the smallest one, has a positive effect on the functioning of our body, improved mood and well-being.

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