Barclay Court left filter motion 27022017Blackrock motorists will be aware that the Frascati Road improvement scheme means that cars heading south out of Blackrock Village can no longer merge with the Frascati Road (N31) by using the slip road by the Frank Keane BMW dealership, but must now go through the lights at the junction with Barclay Court. This measure was included as a safety measure for cyclists, so that they don’t have to contend with fast-moving, merging traffic.

This has caused traffic problems and encouraged people to use the slip road anyway, despite the fact that it is for buses and taxis only. I raised this issue with traffic engineers at the Dún Laoghaire Area Committee meting this evening and asked that a new left-filter light be installed at the main road junction to allow southbound traffic out of Blackrock village to flow on to the Frascati Road (N31).

My motion for a left-filter at the Barclay Court junction was unanimously agreed by councillors tonight and the Council has now agreed to examine this junction and meet with Blackrock councillors with a view to putting changes in place to improve traffic flows.

Barclay Court aerial photo


Barclay Court aerial photo with arrow

Barclay Court aerial photo with arrow (zoom)


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