I am very disappointed by the decision of the County Manager to carry our demolition works at Blackrock Baths. This has been presented to councillors as a fait accompli without any option for repair or renovation. DLRCoCo does not own Blackrock Baths, merely the lease; Treasury Holdings is the freeholder.

You can read the press release issued by the Council on this issue here and I am posting some photographs of the site as well. The report on the inspection of the Baths notes that “the structures have suffered from extensive weather damage and from the ravages of the sea, making the structures and adjoining land dangerous for members of the public”.

The County Manager has informed me that it is not possible to repair or renovate the buildings due to the state of disrepair – it would involve substantial demolition and re-building from scratch. It is obvious that people are regularly accessing the site and there is a very strong concern that some one would be seriously injured or killed if the structure were to give way. That said, I think this situation reflects very poorly on the Council. There has been a total failure to look after Blackrock Baths or to check the site, regularly or at all. Blackrock Baths, and particularly the diving platform, are iconic parts of Blackrock’s history and it is a disgrace that they have been allowed to descend into this level of disrepair.

Blackrock Baths 0 Blackrock Baths 1 Blackrock Baths 2 Blackrock Baths 3 Blackrock Baths 4 Blackrock Baths 5 Blackrock Baths 6 Blackrock baths grafitti Blackrock Baths in use!

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