A planning application has been lodged with Dublin City Council to change the use of one of the Elm Park commercial buildings from a hotel to another office block.

Anyone wishing to make observations or to object, must do so by the 7th of July 2014.

The application details can be found on Dublin City Council’s web site here; the application reference number is 2773/14.

One of the enormous office blocks that form the Elm Park development

One of the enormous office blocks that form the Elm Park development

The Elm Park development has dwarfed surrounding buildings, particularly in the adjacent residential areas like Dornden Park, Bellevue and Trimleston. While the development claims to have great sustainability credentials, it has caused enormous difficulty for its residential neighbours because of its size and the fact that the Dublin City Council planning permission, granted in 2008, provided for construction of 330 apartments, 110 senior citizen housing units, 28,500 square metres of offices in three blocks, 22,500 square metres of space for a hospital and hotel, a crèche, a leisure centre, a swimming pool and a conference centre, but nowhere near enough parking to facilitate all those residents, workers and users.


The Elm Park buildings have dwarfed surrounding residential areas

The Elm Park buildings have dwarfed surrounding residential areas

Allianz Insurance has located its head office in Elm Park and its employees are forced to park in Bellevue and Trimleston, because there are not enough parking spaces in Elm park for them. This is a result of a Dublin City planning policy that granted permission for fewer parking spaces that would normally be required, with a view to encouraging people to use public transport, but in the absence of proper public transport links, this policy has simply caused huge disruption for local residents.

thumbs_elm-park-002For that reason, I am totally opposed by this new application to vary the planning permission granted in 2008, and I will be objecting to it.

The new application seeks to change the permission for the hotel into more offices and to construct “internal link bridges at 3rd and 4th floor level” to make a single behemoth of an office block. There will also be need to redesign the entrance, which will likely create more disruption on Merrion Road.

Aerial view of the development at Elm Park

Aerial view of the development at Elm Park

One thought on “Elm Park planning application

  1. M H

    The people who live in the Trimleston Gardens area want the PARKERS from the Elem Park Offices off their road. We get people parking all day from 7am to 7pm and now we have cars parking for a full 7 days no- stop when they go on holidays.. With all the property tax we now FORCED to pay, it is time for the council to get the companies to provide parking foe their staff away from housing areas.
    The time is coming for the residents to stand up and STOP the cars parking and blocking up their road by blocking the parking spaces with bins etc. as the councile will do nothing for us as usual.

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