Many people who live in Dún Laoghaire, understandably have signs on their doors or letter boxes, indicating that they do not want to receive “junk mail”. Some people are more specific and allow “posted mail only”, “addressed mail only”, or “no pizza leaflets”.

So what does “junk mail” mean?

As a rule, when I, or anyone on my behalf, go door-to-door to deliver leaflets, we do not put generic political literature into letter boxes with “no junk mail” signs.

However, I frequently ask people who have the “no junk mail” signs up what they mean. In at least 90% of cases, they will tell me that they do, in fact, want to receive my literature, and that it’s the menus and advertising that they want to avoid.

We still stick to the rule that we don’t post generic leaflets through “no junk mail” letter boxes, but much of my literature is locally-focussed and designed to inform local residents of some development or event that will normally be of interest to a particular road or area. If a leaflet or letter constitutes “news” for that road or area, we do put it through “no junk mail” letter boxes and I have yet to receive a complaint about this policy.

I do not want to bother people with unwelcome mail, or to waste expensive literature on people who don’t want to read it.

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Thank you.

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