2014 Killiney Martello Tower

As part of DLR’s Summer of Heritage Programme 2014, you can take free one-hour tours of Killiney Martello Tower on Killiney Hill Road.

“South 7”, Tara Hill, Killiney is one of many Martello Towers along Dublin and DLR’s coast. Located within a walled compound on Killiney Hill road, the fortification consists of a tower that was designed for 16 men with an 18-pounder gun, a guardhouse and a raised earthen battery armed with three 24-pounder guns. Built between 1804 and 1805 to repel a threatened French invasion, the Martello Tower’s elevated position meant that it acted both as a supporting position and as an observation post.

There will be four tours per day, between 2pm and 5pm, starting from the entrance gate on Killiney Hill Road, and the number for each tour is limited to 15. Please note that, due to the age of the Martello Tower, this tour is not wheelchair accessible, access to roof of the Tower is very restricted, children must be accompanied by an adult, and proper footwear is essential.

You can get more information on our Martello Towers here.

More information on the range of events that make up the DLR Summer of Heritage Programme 2014.

Killiney Martello Tower 1 Killiney Martello Tower 2 SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Killiney Martello Tower 4

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