1st March 2010.


The issue of the illegal Meteor mobile phone mast at TEK United in Deansgrange was raised at the Dún Laoghaire Area Committee Meeting this evening.


I have been consistently opposed to Meteor’s activity here and lodged an objection to Meteor’s application for retention permission for the mast myself. The Council has acted expeditiously and will be bringing Meteor to Dún Laoghaire District Court on Thursday of this week in respect of Meteor’s failure to comply with the Council enforcement notice of the 29th of October last.


Although I do not accept it view, council management is of the view that the Council has no power to act further, even in circumstances where there is a suggestion that the mast may be broadcasting.


I have asked the management to write to Meteor in the first instance to clarify whether or not the mast is in operation. I also think that it should be made clear to Meteor that operation of the mast is unacceptable and to demand an explanation as to its actions.


I have also suggested that the Council consider taking injunctive action against Meteor if necessary.

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