“Pay and display” parking scheme – Q&A


Currently, the primary parking solution being implemented by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council is “pay and display” – a system of controlled parking that requires display of a permit or ticket.


A “pay and display” parking scheme will include painted parking bays on the road and designated times during which the scheme operates – parking is permitted only within the bays and the bays may be on one side only.


Residents are entitled to purchase annual or bi-annual permits (the allocation to each household is usually limited to two and they ordinarily cost approximately €40 per permit per annum). Residents may also purchase “visitor permits” which normally cost approximately €1.50 and cover parking for one day for a non-resident vehicle (“resident vehicles” must be registered at the address).




Some pros & cons




·        Parking only in designated bays and therefore not on footpaths, too close to driveways or across gateways.

·        Tackles commuter parking by non-residents.

·        More space for cars to pass by alternating parking spaces.

·        Regulated parking and create a safer road traffic environment.




·        Residents cannot park where they like: i.e. parking in designated bays only means that you may not necessarily be able to park outside your house.

·        Additional on-street “furniture” such as poles and ticket machines.

·        Fee for on-street parking.

·        Bureaucratic problems: application for resident’s parking permit requires form-filling, evidence of address, vehicle to be registered at address, etc.

·        Only two resident’s permits per address – difficulties for households with no drive and/or multiple cars.

·        Scheme operation requires proper enforcement.



One thought on “Some parking questions, answered

  1. Caroline Downes

    No desire for pay & display parking in the area – however feel that planning should not have been given for such a large development without adequate parking and that before the remaining buildings fill up , some discussions should take place to ensure that situation does not get worse.

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