Let’s count telegraph poles, says councillor


By Alan O’Keeffecouncillor-barry-ward

Friday November 06 2009


A councillor who wants to spend taxpayers’ money counting poles insists it could save councils thousands of euro.


Cllr Barry Ward claimed the ‘proliferation’ of telephone, electricity, public lighting, bus stop and traffic sign poles must be curbed.


“Each pole can cost up to €1,000 to erect. Instead of separate poles for everything, poles should be shared to cut costs,” he said.


“Every time officials want to put up a new sign, they can order yet another pole. A full audit of existing poles would allow them to use the existing poles instead of spending another €1,000 each time,” said the Fine Gael councillor.


“I’ve had no opposition from anyone for my motion for a comprehensive audit,” he said, claiming that future savings would more than pay for the cost of the survey.


The new councillor represents Blackrock on Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Council, a district he believes is over-run by a wasteful proliferation of poles.


“On the Rock Road, there are three separate poles for signs for parking times, a bus lane, and a cycle lane. One pole could have carried the three signs,” he said.




“Too many poles are an eyesore that blight the streetscapes of communities. So many poles also pose a safety hazard for people who are visually impaired or who use wheelchairs,” he added.


Reducing the number of poles on our streets would also be welcome at election time by people who do not like seeing so many election posters along every thoroughfare, he quipped.


“And there are far too many poles that are not being used for anything. I’m told they are for future signage but I’ve seen poles remain empty for months on end,” he said.


The councillor has tabled a motion to reduce the number of poles in the county and make every effort to make the maximum use of remaining poles, including public lighting poles, for the erection of signage and other notices.



– Alan O’Keeffe

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