Ward demands council deals with useless poles


8th March2010.


Fine Gael Councillor Barry Ward has called on Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council to reduce the number of unnecessary poles and street furniture across the County.


In a motion that was unanimously passed by the Council on Monday night, Councillor Ward said that this measure “would save tens of thousands of euro each year in unnecessary and useless street clutter”.


“I know of poles in my area that don’t even have signs on them. When I have brought this to the Council’s attention, I have been told they are waiting for a sign, but some of them have been waiting for decades,” said the Blackrock councillor.


The proliferation of poles that serve no function only makes it more difficult for local people to use our footpaths, particularly for people with buggies, wheelchair users and the visually impaired.


Councillor Ward highlighted that “there is no coordinated approach by the Council to deal with poles, which means that there are redundant poles and signage that is in such a bad state of repair as to make it absolutely useless.”


Proposing a solution, he said that “we as a council should be moving towards a situation where we have a comprehensive map that shows where all the street furniture in the County is located. If officials sitting at desks don’t know where the poles are, how can the be expected to make maximum use of the existing infrastructure.”


It was also proposed that an e-mail address should be set up to allow councillors and members of the public to report unnecessary, redundant and damaged poles and signage.old-school-sign-pointing-the-wrong-way-on-booterstown-avenue


Notes for editors:

·   There are approximately 10,000 public lighting columns in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown and 12,000 public lighting lanterns on ESB Networks poles.

·   This does not include traffic/directional signage, traffic lights or street furniture.

·   Utilities have statutory powers to erect poles along public roads but must consult with the Council first, and it may apply conditions.

·   The unit cost of a public lighting pole is €1,500 plus VAT.

·   The additional cost of laying the necessary ducting to serve the pole (which varies according to the surface to be excavated) is cheapest in grass but costs €100 per linear metre in concrete;

·   Attached picture is of an old directional sign on Booterstown Avenue in a bad state of repair and pointing the wrong way.

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