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5th November 2010

Ward expresses concern over contradictory local flood warnings

Alert shows need for action on flood prevention

Carysfort-Maretimo scheme must start as a matter of priority

On Thursday (4th November), Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council relayed a coastal flood risk warning from Dublin City Council to all DLR councillors, advising that there was “a risk of coastal flooding in Dublin this weekend”. However, as of 5pm today, DLRCoCo is advising that the “current highest predicted tide level does not pose a threat in the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown coastal region”.

Expressing concern at the conflicting flood warnings, Councillor Barry Ward said: “Given that the long-promised flood prevention measures in Blackrock and Stillorgan still haven’t started, these warnings understandably alarmed hundreds of residents in Blackrock and Stillorgan living next to the Carysfort-Maretimo Stream. It now seems that the Council need not have frightened them.

“I have now received assurances from the Council that there is not a flood risk in these areas, but until the Carysfort-Maretimo flood prevention project is completed, local residents who have been flooded on numerous occasions and can no longer insure their homes, will worry every time they hear a local flood warning.

“Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council has sat on its hands on flood prevention. This scheme has been promised for years: the plans are complete, the departmental funding has been identified; everyone knows what has to happen.

“Yet tenders were only submitted on this project last January (2010) and funding was only applied for on the 8th of September. On the 1st of November, we learned that the Department of the Environment is now recommending revising the tender.

“The affected residents cannot wait any longer. DLR must act now to ensure that these people do not have to endure another winter wondering when they will be flooded. Councillors have been kept out of the loop to the extent that we have to hound officials for basic information or progress updates.

“I am calling on the Council to take this matter seriously and get the Carysfort-Maretimo flood prevention scheme underway as a matter of the utmost priority.”

Note for Editors

Chronology of the Carysfort-Maretimo Stream Improvement Scheme

The Scheme comprises improvement works to the stream, to prevent flooding, at 13 locations from Stillorgan Reservoir to Newtown Avenue, Blackrock. The Stream has caused a number of severe flooding incidents in the past decade, the most recent of which was in July 2009.

An initial report was submitted to the Department of the Environment in July 2007 and approval was granted for procurement/construction stage budget in the amount of €5.94m in November 2007, allocated from the Water Services Investment Programme 2007-2009. Detailed design was undertaken before the end of 2007 and the project was put out to public consultation under Part 8 of the Planning & Development Acts early in 2008.

At that stage, it was envisaged that tenders would be sought in summer 2008 and that the works would commence by the end of 2008, concluding before the end of 2009, but despite an initially enthusiastic announcement by Minister Gormley in November 2007, the tender process has not even been completed yet and funding was only applied for formally on the 8th September 2010.

Details of planned works

The objective of the overall scheme is to deliver solutions for flooding by enhancing channel capacity and dealing with other deficiencies identified in the stream. The proposed works follow from detailed hydraulic modelling, CCTV surveys and site inspections, have regard to the pattern of flooding which has occurred in the past, and include the following measures:

 Provision of flood protection walls;
 Upgrading of existing trash screens and provision of new trash screens;
 Modification to existing stream structures, including weirs and chambers;
 Removal of structures acting as flow obstructions;
 Provision of additional culverts and manhole chambers;
 Stream training and channel widening;
 Culvert inlet improvement measures;
 Provision of access to trash screens for maintenance purposes;
 Stream bank protection measures;
 Removal of scrub and vegetation (in limited circumstances) acting as flow obstructions;
 Provision of safety fencing / hand railing;
 Associated works such as service and utility diversions, and traffic management measures.

Areas affected (not definitive)

Brewery Road
Leopardstown Avenue/Law/Oaks/Road
Stillorgan Grove/Park/Park Avenue
Orpen Close/Dale/Green/Hill/Rise
Ulster Terrace
Coppinger Close/Glade/Walk/Wood
St. Helier’s Copse
The Paddocks, Balckrock
Meadow Close
The Cloisters
Avoca Park
Carysfort Park/Hall/Avenue
Brookfield Estate/Court/Terrace
Avondale Park/Lawn/Court
Barclay Court
Temple Road
Craigmore Gardens
Maretimo Gardens West
Newtown Avenue
Maretimo Villas

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