Dún Laoghaire Area Transportation Committee

4th May 2010


Re-instatement of 3 Tonne Restriction Sign at Woodbine Road at N11

Question: Councillor B. Ward

3-tonne-max“To ask the Manager if the weight restriction indicator sign (prohibiting vehicles over 3 tonnes) at the entrance to Woodbine Road at the N11 end, can be re-instated, and if a similar sign at the Rock Road entrance to Trimleston Avenue could be moved to the junction rather than further up the avenue, to avoid the potential for heavy vehicles to erroneously turn into the Avenue?”


The 3 Tonne restriction sign is already in place at the entrance to Woodbine Road near the N11.

Two advance signs indicating to traffic (in both directions) that there is a 3 Tonne restriction on Trimleston Avenue are in place on the Rock Road.

The 3 Tonne restriction sign on Trimleston Avenue can be relocated closer to the junction where it would be more visible.

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