Dún Laoghaire Area Transportation Committee


6th May 2010




Widening of Road on Grove Avenue


Motion: Councillor B. Ward


“That the Manager arrange for road works to be carried on Grove Avenue, to widen the avenue as a matter of priority, particularly as it approaches the junction with Avoca Avenue, where there is barely room for two cars to pass.”




Grove Avenue was included in the County Development Plan 2004–2010 under the “Six Year Roads Objectives” – Table 11.3 as follows :- “Grove Avenue – (subject to design, land acquisition and funding”. This Objective has been removed from the County Development Plan 2010–2016 following a Council Resolution – DEV /733/09. The removal of this objective will preclude the carrying out of any major improvement works such as widening or re-alignment of the road.


Dún Laoghaire Area Transportation Committee


4th May 2010


Traffic Flow around Grove Avenue


Question: Councillor B. Ward


“To ask the Manager if a report can be provided to the Area Committee on traffic flows around Grove Avenue, specifically between Stillorgan Park, Mount Merrion Avenue and Priory Drive, including Glenart Avenue, and Avoca Avenue & Road, and what the options are to deal with an increasingly dangerous situation where traffic volumes have increased significantly since the Monkstown Ring Road opened?”




Traffic counts will be undertaken on the roads and a report will be brought back to the Area Committee once resources are available to carry out the necessary surveys.

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