Dún Laoghaire Area Transportation Committee


6th April 2010




Reinstatement of Left-Turning Facility


Motion: Councillor B. Ward


“That the Manager re-instate the left-turning facilities at the junctions at the bottom of Booterstown and Mount Merrion Avenues respectively, with the Rock Road.”




The left-turning lane at the junction of Booterstown Avenue and the Rock Road was removed as part of the Rock Road QBC Scheme. The scheme was approved following a period of Public Consultation and the QBC is operational since July 2007.


Detailed counts and monitoring of the junction prior to commencement of QBC works indicated that significant volumes of traffic turned left from Booterstown Avenue during the morning peak. This traffic increased congestion on the Rock Road and its removal formed part of the overall Rock Road QBC Scheme with the objective of improving pedestrian facilities at this junction, improving traffic flow on the Rock Road and discouraging traffic coming down Booterstown Avenue onto the Rock Road from the N11 Stillorgan Road.


The removal of the left-turning lane at the junction of Mount Merrion Avenue and the Rock Road was done as part of the overall upgrade of this junction and the Mount Merrion Avenue QBC Scheme. The upgrade of the junction provided for enhanced pedestrian and cyclist crossing facilities and extended and enhanced bus priority measures.


booterstown-avenue-barber-shopThe upgrade included removal of the left-turning lane onto the Rock Road and this was decided following a junction analysis to determine the impact that closure of the slip lane would have on the junction. The modelling analysis of the junction indicated that the removal of this lane would not dramatically affect the capacity of the junction, while junction safety would be improved for pedestrians and cyclists.


Further to the above, it is not proposed to reinstate the left turning lanes at these locations.

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