Dún Laoghaire Area Transportation Committee


4th May 2010


Parking Ticket Vending Machine at Alma Road


Question: Councillor B. Ward


pay-display-machine“To ask the Manager if a parking ticket vending machine can be located at the top of Alma Road, Monkstown as the area is only served by one machine and it is a considerable distance from the top of the road, and that a traffic flow report be provided to the Area Committee identifying what measures might be effective to address speeding on Alma Road and the use of the road as a rat run?”




Alma Road was examined as part of the Prioritisation of Traffic Calming Schemes in the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Area Report, and was ranked number 11 in the order of priority for traffic calming. Traffic speed was identified as a factor in its ranking. Schemes recommended for AIP assessment have been prioritised over traffic calming schemes where funding can be identified. Schemes are being progressed in order of priority. Data will shortly be available to give updated traffic count and speed information for Alma Road, and a traffic flow report will be compiled, with an assessment for turning movement restrictions and a digital speed alert sign.


There are two Pay & Display (P&D) parking meters located on Alma Road, to service the long stay (all day) parking or short stay parking sections. The location of the meters will be reviewed. However, it is not considered financially viable to install another meter.

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