County Council meeting held at County Hall on Wednesday 13th January 2010 at 5pm.




Report submitted in accordance with Part 8, Article 81 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 – 2009, Planning and Development Acts 2000 – 2008 and Section 138 of the Local Government Act, 2001


Proposed Development:


Carysfort-Maretimo Stream Improvement Scheme


Supplementary Works – September 2009. Alterations to works approved under PC/02/08 at 3 locations:


  • Stillorgan Park Road, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin,
  • Dunardagh, Temple Hill, and
  • Sweetman House, Newtown Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.


The report of the Manager, copy of which had been circulated to the Members, was CONSIDERED:






The proposed development involves alterations to a previously approved Part 8 scheme (PC/02/08) as follows,


The provision of a vehicular access gate for maintenance purposes to an enlarged single tier trash screen at Stillorgan Park, Co. Dublin;


The widening of the stream, provision of a double tier trash screen and reinstatement of boundary wall at Dunardagh, Temple Hill, Blackrock, Co. Dublin;


Construction of flood walls at the existing culvert inlet at Sweetman’s House, Newtown Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.


The Carysfort-Maretimo stream has caused a number of severe flooding incidents in the past decade, the most recent of which was in July 2009. The objective of the overall Scheme is to deliver solutions for flooding by enhancing channel capacity and dealing with other deficiencies identified in the stream.


The amendments and supplementary works are described, in detail below. 


Árd na Glaise / Keady Galleon – Stillorgan Park, Co. Dublin


The approved Part 8 (PC/02/08) proposed a two-tier trash screen in private property immediately upstream of Stillorgan Park, Co. Dublin in between the properties Ard na Glaise and Keady Galleon.


Following consultations with the landowners, it is now proposed to construct an enlarged single tier trash screen to suit the wider culvert proposed downstream, in order to minimize the impact on the existing mature trees in this area.


At present, there is no clear access to the sides or upstream end of the screen from the gardens on either side.  To provide the required access to the stream for maintenance purposes, it is now proposed to place a hardwood double gate in the boundary wall to Stillorgan Park beside the headwall of the new screen for occasional vehicular access when heavy material has to be removed from the screen.  The affected residents have agreed to these proposals.


Barclay Court / Dunardagh, Blackrock, Co. Dublin


The approved Part 8 (PC/02/08) proposed placing the stream in a culvert, and re-constructing, on top of the culvert, the existing boundary wall along the side of the stream, as per initial landowner’s requirements.


During the consultation process the landowner agreed to sell to the Council an area of land on the right bank, allowing the Council to change its proposals to a widened stream. This arrangement does not require the construction of the culvert and is also a preferred solution for increasing the capacity of the stream, in line with the Water Framework Directive.


This proposal allows for the stream being widened, to the same width as had been intended for the culvert option, with a maintenance path between it and the reconstructed wall. As a result, the reconstructed wall will be moved approximately 2.75 metres to the east of its current location.  As well as having the approval of the landowner in Dunardagh, this proposal has been discussed with all owners of the affected property in Barclay Court and none have expressed any concerns over the widening of the stream or the new position of the wall.


Sweetman House, Newtown Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin


The approved Part 8 (PC/02/08) proposed no works to be carried out at the above property.  Following the agreement of the Council to the Report, it became apparent that additional flood walls would be required at the bottom of the back garden of the property, where the stream enters a culvert which runs under the DART line.


The floodwalls will be located at the bottom right hand side of the garden, in an area of existing trees.  The works will require the removal of three Griselinia trees and these will be replaced on completion of the works.


The flood walls will be designed so that a trash screen can be inserted between them in the future, if deemed necessary.




Having regard to the zoning of the site and other provisions of the County Development Plan 2004-2010 the proposed amendments which are minor in nature are considered to be in accordance with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area. It is recommended that a decision be made by the elected members of the Council to proceed with the proposed development in accordance with the drawings which were on display and to any such minor and immaterial alterations to the plans and particulars of the development.


Subject to the above approval, members are hereby notified in accordance with Section 138 of the Local Government Act, 2001 of the intention to proceed with the proposed development


It was proposed by Councillor Barry Ward, seconded by Councillors N. Bhreathnach and M. Baker and


RESOLVED that the report of the Manager be AGREED.

One thought on “Report on Carysfort-Maretimo stream scheme – 13/01/2010

  1. Councillor Ward,

    Can you please advise me as regards the environmental impacts of the culverting, etc. of the above stream? (assuming they were, as is required under Law, assessed). No doubt, despite the urgency of the issue (flooding, etc), some of the councillors thought to query this subject and were satisfied with the response. I am particularly interested with respect to the increased flow-rate versus the need for velocity-consistency for various species of flora and fauna…

    Thanks in advance,
    Ciarán Mac Samhráin

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