Extensive re-surfacing works were carried out on Grove Avenue in August/September. I have been pushing the Council hard to include these works in the 2010 Roads Programme as a matter of priority since the condition of the Avenue had become so bad.


Last May, I spent two hours with two senior engineers from the Council’s Traffic Department, on Grove Avenue, discussing the serious problems with the condition of the road and the safety hazards that users of the Avenue face.


We agreed that re-surfacing Grove Avenue, while greatly improving the road, would not be enough to make it safe. The Council is examining a number of options to deal with the condition of Grove Avenue, including the junctions with Talbot Lodge, Glenart Avenue, and Avoca Avenue, and a traffic flow survey is schedules to take place in October,


For example, in the next 4-6 weeks, the junction with Glenart Avenue will be re-designed to make it safer for pedestrians and motorists alike. There are on-going works to dish the footpaths (these works should be concluded on the 24th of September.


I am aware that a significant number of residents and Grove Avenue users remain very concerned about the safety of the Avenue. The re-surfacing of the road is the first step in what I hope will be a resolution of many, if not all, of these safety concerns.

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