In 2008 a report of traffic calming was commissioned by DLRCC. The Prioritisation of Traffic Calming Schemes in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Area Report assessed various roads throughout the county, and a priority ranking was developed to identify the schemes most in need of traffic calming where funding could be identified. Despite Killiney Hill Road being ranked number 3 on the Priority Traffic Schemes list, DLRCC decided to include it as an AIP scheme following a review of the data, due to the number of accidents on this road.


Killiney Hill Road is a narrow, winding road with significant gradients. Sight lines are often restricted, and a large number of domestic dwellings have their entrances directly off the road. There are a number of unprotected poles (Eircom and ESB) at the edge of the carriageway carrying overhead cables and public lighting heads. As a result the lighting heads are spaced large distances apart, the light spill is also impacted upon by the number of mature trees along the road. Footpaths are on one side of the road only along this section, and are narrow.


A number of measures have already been carried out by DLRCC to improve road safety along Killiney Hill Road, such as traffic calming measures between Killiney Road and Victoria Road, anti skid material was laid on approaches to junctions, installation of road studs near junction with Military Road, improvements to paint markings and installation of a speed alert sign at Villa Marie. Initial data indicates that these measures have been successful in achieving a reduction in 85 th percentile speeds from 56.3km/h to 49km/h.


Due to lack of funding for significant road safety improvement measures along the full length of Killiney Hill Road, DLRCC has had to investigate where and how low cost measures are best placed to achieve road safety improvements. Investigation into Reported Accident Data indicated that there have been a number of accidents in the vicinity of the junction with Military Road, it was decided to concentrate available funding on measures which would reduce speeds in this area. A scheme design was developed and displayed for comments.




A report was prepared for the March Area Committee Meeting outlining how the proposed scheme would achieve improvements in safety for various modes of travel in the area – vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.


The proposed scheme is approximately 260m in length between the existing speed alert sign at Villa Marie (North of the junction with Military Road), down to, and including the junction with Military Road, and approach roads.


The scheme contains the following proposed elements (see Appendix A):


  • 4-way Stop at junction of Killiney Hill Road with Military Road
  • Right turn ban from East side of Military Road, northbound onto Killiney Hill Road
  • Ramps on the Northern side of the junction between existing Speed alert sign at Villa Marie and Military Road
  • Upgrading of public lighting heads between Villa Marie and Military Road junction
  • Maintenance of existing surface water drainage
  • Tree pruning to maintain adequate light spill from public lighting
  • Extension of the centreline road studs between Church Avenue and Villa Marie
  • Edge of carriageway markings between Villa Marie and Military Road
  • Painting/highlighting low kerbs between Church Avenue and Militiary Road

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