I have noticed water leaking from the road on Grove Avenue, near the junction of Grove Avenue and Avoca Avenue, on the Glenart Avenue side of the junction, on the north-east side of the avenue.


I have reported this to the Council by e-mailing burstmains@dlrcoco.ie and I would encourage people who are aware of the leak to do the same.


The details have now been provided to the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown maintenance teams who are continuing to investigate and repair burst watermains and water leaks throughout the County.


Bursts are assessed on:   leak-graphic


(1) the impact the loss of water is having on customers (i.e. are households without water as a direct result of the burst?),

(2) the volumes of water being lost, and

(3) whether the loss of water through the burst can be controlled or reduced by other methods before it can be repaired (for example, can the Council isolate that section of watermain pending repair)


Once the burst has been categorised it is then prioritised for repair as soon as possible.

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