On two occasions during recent years vehicles have accidentally left the road on Seapoint Avenue, demolished railings and ended up on or adjacent to the DART line. In view of the significant safety risks raised by these incidents, the Council applied to the National Roads Authority to make funding available to carry out a safety improvement scheme.


The solution chosen by the Council to implement a safety scheme is a high containment traffic management kerb along the footpath, which will provide a new up-stand kerb about 200mm higher than the existing one. This solution will have the minimum impact on the visual amenity of the very beautiful views of Dublin Bay from Seapoint Avenue, while still achieving the necessary safety improvements.



The selected length for this work is the area where there is an insufficient buffer of green space between the footpath and DART line. This is a stretch of approximately 120 metres between the junctions of Brighton and Seafield Avenues with Seapoint Avenue.


Consequently, There will be footpath and traffic lane restrictions on Seapoint Avenue to facilitate the installation of the new kerb from the 5th to the 19th of October 2010 between 8am and 6pm.


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