Press Release – Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Communications Office

12th May 2010 @ 4pm


Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council to withdraw from provision of household waste service in July 2010


At a briefing of elected members today, the Council’s Director of Water and Waste Services, advised Councillors that Council management will cease to provide a household waste service from July 2010. The ‘grey’ bin service is provided by direct labour and the ‘green’ bin service by contract.


Mr Austin explained that “Despite a major rationalisation in early 2009 the waste service continues to incur unsustainable losses which, if not addressed, will undermine the Council’s capacity to deliver other important services.”


Mr Austin also confirmed that there will be no compulsory redundancies of Council staff arising out of the decision to exit the market. The 25 staff members currently employed in providing the ‘grey’ bin service will be redeployed to other Council services. This will result in an improvement in other services – primarily Street Cleansing, Parks and Water Services.


The decision to cease the service has been made in response to the following developments:


  • the continuing loss of customers and market share by the Council to its competitors. The Council currently has about 18,500 customers down from 64,000 in 2006;


  • the continuing loss/net cost of maintaining the service, estimated at €3.5m in 2010*;


  • the requirement to charge VAT on the Council’s waste service from 1st July 2010*;


  • the requirement to roll out a brown bin service to households during the year*;


  • the need to update the Council’s computer systems to accommodate these requirements*;


*These various factors combined, will add just under €1m to costs in 2010.


  • the unfavourable outcome of a recent High Court case, which supported unrestricted competition in the waste market in Dublin;


  • the fact the landfill facility used by the Dublin local authorities at Kill, Co. Kildare, will cease accepting waste later this year. As a consequence the Council is likely to face higher landfill disposal costs in 2011.


The Council remains committed to the Dublin Region Waste Management Strategy and will honour its commitments in relation to existing and proposed regional waste infrastructure.


The Council has invited tenders with a view to appointing a contractor who will offer a ‘grey’ and a ‘green’ bin service together with a new ‘brown’ bin service to all existing Council customers at a competitive price. The contractor will also be required to honour the Council’s existing Waiver Scheme. The Council is advising its customers that they do not need to make any alternative arrangements for a waste service and to continue to leave out their bins as usual.


Customers who currently have arrears are also advised that the Council will continue to pursue all outstanding balances.


Speaking after the briefing of elected members, Owen Keegan, County Manager, addressed the following statement to the Council’s customers


“I wish to acknowledge and express the Council’s appreciation for your loyal support over recent years. I know many of you will be disappointed by the decision to cease to provide a service from July. I want to assure you that there will be no compulsory redundancies of Council staff as a result of the decision. I hope you will also accept my assurance that we have no real choice in the matter if other important Council services are to be maintained.


I will be writing to you as soon as possible giving details of the proposed new service to be provided from July 2010. In the meantime you do not need to make any alternative arrangements for a waste service and you should continue to leave your bins out as usual.”

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