Garda speed van

In response to the photograph that I posted on this site, I was contacted twice today by Superintendent Goode from the Garda Traffic Corps in Dublin Castle.

He expressed his dismay at the fact that the Garda speed van was parked illegally and that it did not have the usual Garda markings on the back (although they were on the front). He wanted to ascertain exactly when the van had been photographed so that he could identify the individual Garda responsible.

This evening, he telephoned me again and explained that he had identified the Garda operating the van. I understand that the place that had been designated for this van between 1.30pm and 3.30pm on Tuesday was not available, so the Garda had to find another location nearby, and that is how the van came to be parked in the cycle lane.

Superintendent Goode made it very clear to me that he sees this as totally unacceptable and has apologised for both the fact that it was parked there and that cyclists were inconvenienced.

This was a mistake made by an individual Garda and the Superintendent stressed that it is Garda policy not to park like this. As an experienced mistake-maker myself, I accept entirely what the Superintendent has told me and I believe it won’t be allowed to happen again; lesson learned.

I think credit is due to An Garda Síochána Traffic Corps for treating this matter with the seriousness that it deserves and taking swift action to address cyclists’ legitimate concerns. Thanks to everyone for your responses to this.

3 thoughts on “Garda response to parking in cycle lane

  1. Harry Roberts

    does that mean that any tickets given out in this instance are void.

  2. I don’t think so Harry 🙂

  3. Cian Geoghegan

    Nicely dealt with by both you and the Superintendent. Kudos Barry. An appropriate & professional response from An Garda Síochána also.

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