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Tuesday October 05 2010


€10m cost burden of elected mayor


I NOTED with interest your report (‘Elected mayor to push €40m council cost cuts’, (September 29) that the soon-to-be elected mayor of Dublin will push through financial cuts.


In the first instance, councils are already making the necessary cuts. In an environment in which funding from government is being severely cut on a regular basis, and local authorities cannot raise their own funds, we have very little choice.


But more importantly, the reality is that an elected mayor is going to add to the financial burden on local government in Dublin.

The office is going to cost €10m to establish and will cost at least €8m per annum.


These costs will be borne by the existing Dublin local authorities and are going to make it even more difficult for councillors to keep commercial rates low and provide effective local services.


Furthermore, the elected mayor will constitute another layer of bureaucracy on top of the existing mayors and cathaoirligh. If this is John Gormley’s pointless project, maybe he should volunteer to pay for it. Then the Dublin councillors wouldn’t have to cut €10m just to stand still.


Councillor Barry Ward (FG)

Dún Laoghaire

See on-line version here.

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