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  1. This law is crazy! It is underestimated by those short-sighted lrgaslitoes the value of dogs in family life and in the wider community, including in therepeutic physical and mental health services e.g. guiding the partially sighted, helping children with autism, companions to people living alone. The real problem is dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs, but more especially off-beach, on housing estates, on public streets and in public parks. On beaches those irresponsible people, who are a minority, are more visible and other dog carers tell them off, me included.I was reared with dogs and am currently a frequent carer (luckily for the dogs, on the in every way more cultured Northside!!!) of my daughter’s and partner’s dogs, who are resident in Dun Laoghaire and Rathdown, and are frequently exercised on Killiney beach. There is no more pleasant sight than watching dogs running alongside and in water, whether that be on Killiney beach or Portmarnock Beach or any other beach in the Country. Use your vote people!

  2. its about time our country misess a massive tourist bonanza thanks to the attitude of our tether dogs and no place to gopeople from the UK who love their dogs do not come here because of the lack of freedom to explore dine and stay with their petswe run a pub in glandore west corkwe welcome dogs and have the most handsome black lab called alfie winehe is our best boy our place is the glandore inn next to hayes bar also dog friendly with a beautiful setter called Georgewe were going to go out tonight with our baby to eat butno place in west cork the fact we will not go to a restaurant without our baby means the local community has lost 100 eurotimes that by maybe 10000 visitors to Ireland from the UK if dogs were welcome thats 500000.00 a day on restaurants alone or 3.5 million euro a week or 182 million a yearsome moneyanyway add us to the short list our food is top notch

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