Last night, councillors on Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council voted almost unanimously (31-6) to reduce local property tax (LPT) for 2017, by the maximum allowable 15%.

This was a really important decision because the residents of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown pay the highest rates of LPT in the country. The statutory scheme for property tax is designed so that local authorities like DLR can reduce the LPT and thereby equalise the tax burden between residents here and areas where property prices are lower.

The Council’s budget will be decided in November.

You can watch my contribution to the LPT debate here:


Councillor Barry Ward speaking in favour of a 15% reduction in Local Property Tax for 2017


Cllr Barry Ward speaking on the Local Property Tax in DLRCoCo Chamber – Monday 12th September 2016

One thought on “Local Property Tax 2017

  1. Rebecca jeffares

    I agree LPT should be reduced we have no control over market forces on our long time homes. Dlr is one of the most expensive areas, the same property in other parts of the country has far smaller LPT. House owners should be encouraged to make homes more sustainable the LPT takes any excess money from this necessary goal
    R Jeffares

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