Local residents will be aware that the mobile phone company, Meteor, recently installed a large base station or mobile phone mast at TEK FC in Deansgrange, for which permission had not been granted. Meteor cannot be allowed to behave this way.

An enforcement notice was served by the Council on Meteor on the 29th of October 2009, requiring Meteor to deconstruct the mast at TEK FC. The company was given 1 month to comply and an enforcement officer inspected the site on the 9th of December.

It was decided that Meteor had not complied with the enforcement notice and the matter was passed to the Law Department for prosecution. That is where it is now and proceedings against Meteor will be initiated in the District Court as soon as possible.

This is both good news and bad: the bad being that the legal process could take up to 6 months; the good being that the Council has maintained a consistent attitude against the retention of this mast, which I believe will be the outcome of the application for retention permission.

I have made my views known to the Council and have requested that the application for retention permission by Meteor be refused – this decision is due on the 28th of January.

Meteor may still appeal to An Bord Pleanála.

I also lodged an objection to the application for retention planning permission [D09A/0840] on Friday the 8th of January 2010. I am aware that 9 other objections had been lodged at that stage, I encouraged as many people as I could to also lodge objections before the deadline on Monday the 11th January.

Recently, another councillor sought to discuss this issue at the County Council Meeting by putting down a motion to suspend standing orders. I voted against this motion, not because I don’t support the removal of this illegal mast, but because I did not feel that it was the appropriate time or place to discuss this issue.

Strong action has been taken against Meteor in respect of its mast at TEK FC and the legal process has been initiated to remove the mast. I will continue to support the Council in this regard and will keep local residents updated on progress as it occurs.

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