Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme junction

Last month, I announced that works on the Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme were imminent and the Council has now confirmed that they will commence on Monday next, the 24th of April 2017.

There will be an information evening tomorrow evening (Thursday 20th April) in St Patrick’s Parish Centre off Carrickbrennan Road, between 6 and 8pm, where officials from DLRCoCo will be available to answer queries.

The first phase of works will involve path works around the Church of Ireland from Link Road to Alma Place, and only areas where active works are on-going will be closed. Initially excavations will remove the existing path and the paths will then be replaced by new, granite paving. The Council will open sections as they are completed and it is expected that disruption will be minimal (this phase is expected to run until June 2017).

Construction will take 8 to 10 months.

This €1.1m scheme will transform Monkstown Village for the better and will see important changes, such as Clifton Avenue being made one-way towards the sea (this will take effect early in the works). A contra-flow cycle lane, 12 car parking spaces and 1 disabled parking bay, and improved sight-lines at the junction with Seapoint Avenue, will all be provided. A pedestrian crossing at this junction, while not confirmed, is being considered.

The paths in the village will be paved with granite and the parking bays will have granite setts. The finish is similar to Marine Road in Dún Laoghaire (no cobbles are being used).
Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme general layout


Click here for more information and detail of the Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme.

One thought on “Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme

  1. Mrs m Egan

    I am a resident on Clifton Avenue – I welcome the monkstown scheme, but have been asking for the pedestrian crossing on Seapoint Avenue since 2014 – emailing John Broderick (engineer) who I have been in general contact with. The road is extremely dangerous, and I hope the Council can confirm that it will be in the remit of the scheme ? My two sons cross it every day to get the dart morning and afternoon to school, they have to look three ways in order to cross, and due to the speed of the cars this is very difficult. I believe in the past someone was killed on this road. in the Summer, parents struggle with young children to cross in time. I suggested if the Council would not do anything about it, then the gate should be closed and people would have to walk through the car park to cross at Salthill instead, but I think people would just jump over the gate
    Please therefore can you let me know what is going to happen ?

    Also – are there going to be any loading bays on Clifton Avenue ? as I believe you are putting in extra parking spaces. The current large lorries that park on the road are very loud, sometimes arriving at 6.00 am for Spar and waking up the residents. They also park and block the road, building up traffic, and school boys have to walk out behind them when crossing the road in the mornings after visiting Spar. I hope these lorries are now going to be moved to Monkstown crescent where they can be accommodated ?

    Please can you reply to the above.

    With thanks

    Mrs M Egan

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