Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme I (artist’s impression)

Monkstown Village is an architectural conservation area and has a significant number of attractive, and protected, structures. The development of a traffic management scheme in the village presents an opportunity to develop and enhance the public realm of the village while still achieving road safety improvements. The traffic scheme is also vital for pedestrian safety in Monkstown given the volume of traffic that passes through the village between Dún Laoghaire and Blackrock/Dublin city centre.

This plan was approved by councillors in July 2016; the project is finally due to begin this month. The planned works will make the street area much more pedestrian-friendly and help to strengthen the village as a local, people-centred streetscape. It will include―
• a new centre-piece for the village;
• increased outdoor seating;
• planting of appropriate trees and shrubs;
• additional parking; and
• a remodelled road design to ensure slower and safer traffic speeds through the village.

Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme II

DLR Traffic Section, in conjunction with the Architects’ Department, has brought forward a proposal to implement road safety, traffic management and public-realm measures for Monkstown Village and Monkstown Crescent (where many of the excellent restaurants in Monkstown are located).

The scheme, as designed, will significantly improve road safety for all road users and ameliorate the overall visual environment of the village strengthening its role as a local centre. It will provide an improvement in road safety for pedestrians, by way of a reduction in traffic speeds, together with improved crossing points and simplification of junction layouts.

Some of the public realm works will include granite paving for the pedestrian surfacing around the village and parking bays will be indented and surfaced with cobble sets (similar to those on Marine Road in Dún Laoghaire) to reduce the level difference between the path and the road with the addition of raised flower beds to provide separation from the road. The central area will be paved in granite which will allow for increased seating as well as opportunities for mini markets, etc. (tree-planting will be introduced here also).

The existing path adjacent to the restaurants will also be widened significantly. Seating and planting will be incorporated with a crossing point at Avoca and decorative lighting will be added throughout, but steps will be taken to preserve the historic, Victorian, lighting poles that currently dress Monkstown Crescent.

Any temporary effect on local traffic and access will be closely managed by the Council during the works and notice of any effects will be given in good time. The Council will work closely with the local community and businesses in the village to ensure the minimum of disruption.

Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme general layout

Residents and businesses may also be aware of a proposal, from the National Transportation Authority (NTA), to make Seapoint Avenue one-way. This is, to my mind, a ludicrous suggestion that will drive traffic flows into the village and create all manner of problems, and I am totally opposed to it. The NTA put forward this proposal without consulting councillors or Council engineers. You can read the details of this proposal here and my submission against it here (paragraphs 27 to 33). Maps of the NTA proposal on Seapoint Avenue can be viewed here (pages 56 to 58).

Click here for more information and detail of the Monkstown Village Improvement Scheme.

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