I received an e-mail today from the principal of Our Lady of Mercy Girls’ National School on Rosemount Terrace, off Booterstown Avenue. I know this school well as both my sisters attended it.


pictures-of-school-sign-jan-2010-0022The principal has brought to my attention the sign on Booterstown Avenue that is supposed to guide people to the school (see below). As you can see, the sign is in a very bad state of repair and essentially serves no function.

Whatever about the fact that the sign points down Booterstown Avenue, rather than down Rosemount Terrace, where the school is located, the Council is charging the school €175 per year (or €325 per 3 years) to have the sign in place.


I have been in contact with the Council in respect of this matter and I am confident it can be resolved sensibly.



However, this is part of a larger issue that I intend to raise at the Council meeting on Monday night: there are far too many poles and signs in general in Blackrock and DLR in general.


Instead of putting several signs on the one pole, the Council seems to prefer installing one pole for each sign. The end result is a lot of wasted money and crowded, unsightly footpaths that become increasingly difficult for wheelchair users, people with prams and buggies, and the visually impaired to use.

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