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I am really pleased to see that Dunnes Stores has lodged an application for planning permission to add new (internally-illuminated) signage and air conditioning to the former Playwright pub, on Newtownpark Avenue, in Blackrock.

After the closure of the Playwright pub, and after a time as a TGI Friday’s restaurant, it was a real shame to see this valuable and prime site fall vacant. It has now been seven years since there was any retail activity here, something that has not been helpful to the local economy or people living in the area. Although it has been greatly improved in recent years, it is not pleasant to see such a large, vacant site, on a busy road in Blackrock.

Which is why it is great to see some progress: DLRCoCo received the planning application earlier this month, and observations/objections can be made here, by the 6th of September 2018.


This follows planning permission that was granted in 2014 to replace the thatched roof with slate.

Playright Newtownpark Avenue


Playright Newtown Park


You can read the full application on the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Planning web site.

Read article here.

One thought on “Progress on the Playwright site on Newtownpark Avenue

  1. The decision on Dunnes Stores’ planning application at the site of The Playwright pub, on Newtownpark Avenue, is due from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council on or by 27 September.

    Everyone I have spoken to in Blackrock so far, is pleased to see something being done with the site, and I have welcomed progress that will hopefully see a vacant site becoming active again after seven years.

    Today I received an e-mail from someone who is interested in working in the new store, wondering when it is likely to open.

    So I contacted Dunnes Stores Head Office to ask for any information about when the store might open. Astonishingly, the person who answered my call made enquiries but told me they had “no information”, and she would not allow me to speak to anyone in the relevant department.

    Is it really possible that Dunnes Stores bought an expensive property in on Newtownpark Avenue, in Blackrock, made a detailed planning application, has been seen moving equipment on-site, and is five weeks away from a planning decision, but has NO INFORMATION on what is going to happen there, or when?

    It is a real shame that Dunnes will not communicate with local representatives or the local community, to provide simple details:
    Will the Newtownpark Avenue shop be for food only?
    When is it likely to be open?
    How many people will be employed?
    When and how can people apply?

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