Harry Gleeson

Almost three quarters of a century after he was convicted of, and hanged for, the murder of Mary (Moll) McCarthy, the Government has announced that it will advise the President to issue a posthumous pardon for Harry Gleeson.

Read Erin McGuire in The Irish Times on How Harry Gleeson was wrongly hanged for murder in 1941.

Having reviewed the case, Shane Murphy SC, concluded that there were deficiencies in the conviction rendering it unsafe, as it was based on “unconvincing circumstantial evidence”, and the Government expressed its regret that a man was convicted and executed in circumstances now found to be unsafe.

Read the full statement from the Department of Justice & Equality here, in which the Government said that it “regrets that this decision leaves unresolved the brutal murder of Ms Mary McCarthy, whose children were deprived of their mother in terrible circumstances.”

The power to commute a sentence or issue a pardon is vested in the President under Article 13.6 of the Constitution. The President exercises that power on the advice of the Government.

Harry Gleeson 2

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