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From Monday 9th April 2018, the Public Services Card (PSC) is replacing the requirement for certain documentation when applying for a driving licence or learner permit from the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS).

Applicants will have two options available to them to validate their identity and residency.

1. Presenting a PSC will simplify and make the application process quicker, as it will prove photographic identification, PPSN, address and residency entitlement.

2. However, if an applicant does not have a PSC, they must produce a number of documents to prove their identity, address, PPSN, as well as confirmation of country of birth and /or residency entitlement.

The PSC will also enable applicants to renew their driving licence or learner permit online as part of a new online service that will be rolled out in the coming months.

For information from the NDLS on how to apply for a PSC, click here.
PASC Paschal Donohoe

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