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2015 Seapoint Martello TowerEach Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, as part of the dlr Summer of Heritage Programme 2015, there will be four free, guided tours of the historic Martello Tower at Seapoint, in Monkstown.

The tours will take place on the hour from 2 to 5pm inclusive for up to 15 people; they will last about 45 minutes, are not wheelchair-accessible and require suitable footwear as the building obviously wasn’t designed with modern access standards in mind. Children must be accompanied by an adult and bare feet will not be allowed. The Dublin Martello Towers were built along a 57km stretch around Dublin, at the beginning of the 19th Century (June 1804 to December 1805), in anticipation of an invasion from Napoleonic France.

There were some 45 towers nationally originally. They were constructed as batteries and beacons and are very distinctive for their round, study built and local granite stone. Click here for an interesting run down on Martello Towers on the southside and here for details of northside Martello Towers.

The term ‘Martello’ is used because the design of the familiar towers is said to be similar to Spanish designs of defensive towers on Minorca and, particularly, the Tour de Mortella near Punta Mortella in Corsica. Martello Towers were constructed extensively along the south and southeast coasts of England, and can also be found in Scotland, the Channel Islands, Sicily, South Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, Bermuda, Canada and the United States of America. A fuller history of Martello Towers can be found here. Martello Towers near Dublin were at:

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