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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs part of its 2015 Summer of Heritage Programme, every Tuesday will see two tours of the Quaker Burial Ground in Blackrock, at 2.30pm and 4pm respectively, until the 1st of September.

The Quaker Burial Ground, known also as the Friends’ Burial Ground, was initially laid out in 1860 and is the only Quaker burial ground in Dublin. There had originally been two, one at Cork Street in The Liberties, and the other at York Street, where the Royal College of Surgeons is now located, but there is no trace of either anymore.

Ordinarily, the burial ground is not open to the public, and visitors would have to contact the custodians [e-mail office@quakers-in-ireland.ie or telephone (01) 495-6889] to get past the locked gates to explore this 7-acre site. However, through the dlr Summer of Heritage, these two, one-hour tours, will carer for up to 30 people each time, thereby making this hidden gem accessible to everyone, and will include information about the Society of Friends and the Quaker religion.

2015 Quaker Burial Ground Blackrock

Some of the notable people buried in the Quaker Burial Ground include, inter alia:
Sir John Barrington, former Conservative Lord Mayor of Dublin (1865);
Jonathan Pim, Liberal Party MP for Dublin City and statistician who was a founding member and President of the Statistical & Social Inquiry Society of Ireland (SSISI);
Lydia Shackleton, botanical artist;
Alfred Webb, (biographical details here) Irish Parliamentary Party MP for West Waterford;
Horace Walpole, linen manufacturer; and
John Richardson Wigham, lighthouse engineer and inventor.

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  1. Alice Garrity

    What happened to the burials that were on Cork street? I have 2 relatives that were buried there in the early 1700’s.George Rooke and his wife Joan Rooke(Cooke) and I was hoping to visit the gravesite.

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