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Since I first became involved in local politics in 2008, I have fought for a solution to the serious day-time parking problem in the residential area between Trimleston, Woodbine and Seafield, including Glenomena, Dornden Park and Ashfield Park.

Having received representations from residents and residents’ groups, and seen the problem first hand, I made several representations to Council management and eventually proposed an amendment to the Council’s Parking Control Bye-laws in June 2015. I have long been critical of the one-size-fits-all approach to parking control that DLRCoCo has followed. I feel strongly that parking solutions must reflect their different causes in different areas. You can see the details of my original proposal here.

This was not supported by councillors but, working with officials, we agreed on a plan, largely based on the change I had originally proposed.

A plebiscite brought pay-and-display parking controls into Dornden Park in 2014 and that solution has worked well. However, a similar plebiscite in the adjoining area failed because the proposed scheme would have resulted in less parking for residents, rather than more.

GWRA tweet re attendance of Cllr Barry Ward 16/06/2016

My argument was that this particular area is unique because it is a parking perfect storm surrounded, as it is, by Allianz Insurance/Elm Park, UCD, the N11 bus corridor and the Rock Road, with no publicly-available off street parking.

The officials engaged with councillors, residents and local (small) businesses to create a Local Parking Area Pilot Scheme, which is designed to control parking to your benefit and to provide greater turnover and availability of spaces while facilitating access and improving road safety.

Finally, through much hard work and negotiation with officials in DLRCoCo, I am delighted to see that a solution based on, and similar to, the one I proposed to the Council in 2015, and which was approved of by residents in a vote at the end of 2016, has been unanimously passed by councillors tonight. DLRCoCo officials also deserve great credit in working with councillors, residents and local businesses to find practical solutions.

It was with great pleasure that I proposed the special parking area, along with my five council colleagues in Blackrock, which will have effect on the following roads:

  • Ashfield Park
  • Bellevue Park
  • Glenomena Grove
  • Glenomena Park
  • Seafield Close
  • Seafield CrescentGWRA tweeet progress
  • Seafield Drive
  • Seafield Park
  • Seafield Road
  • Trimleston Avenue
  • Trimleston Drive
  • Trimleston Gardens
  • Trimleston Park
  • Trimleston Road
  • Woodbine Avenue
  • Woodbine Park
  • Woodbine Road

This scheme will take effect soon and will restrict the irresponsible parking by non-residents, that has caused all the recent problems.

It is proposed to run this pilot scheme for a period of one year. During that time, there will be regular meetings with stakeholders and quarterly reports to the Dún Laoghaire Area Committee, on the impact of the scheme.

Signage will soon be erected at 3 vehicular entrance points to the Local Parking Area: Trimleston Avenue, Woodbine Road and Seafield Road.

Some other points of interest:

• The scheme will operate between 9am and 6pm, from Monday to Friday inclusive
• Parking will be by display of a Local Parking Area Permit (LPAP)
• Non-permit holders may only park for maximum 3 hrs (anywhere) by text or Parking Tag
• Non-permit holders will be required to pay €1 per hour
• 1 new parking ticket machine will be installed at the Seafield shops
• DLRCoCo will enforce these new parking regulations
• The usual 15 minutes grace period before and after will apply
• All residents will be eligible for a LPAP (up to max 4 per household)
• LPAPs will cost €45 per annum per permit

Special Parking Area - Pilot Scheme

Trimleston parking wide

2 thoughts on “Special parking area for Booterstown, at last!

  1. Brendan Morahan

    Hi Barry,

    is there a timetable for implementing the Special Parking Area for Booterstown scheme.

    Many thanks

  2. Thanks for your query, Brendan. At the moment, there is no official timetable but I am keeping the pressure on the officials and I understand signage is not far away. Once erected, it will take a few weeks to fully implement the scheme (warning notices on cars, issue of permits to residents, arrangement of enforcement procedures, etc.). In any event, once I get a firm timeline I will communicate it to residents. Barry.

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